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carolendouglas's Journal

5 November
I'm an ex-newspaper reporter, feature writer, columnist, and layout and copy editer, but I've been writing fiction full-time since 1984 and have 50-some published novels to show for it.

I'm a literary chameleon and have novels categorized as fantasy, science fiction, historical and contemporary mystery, historical and contemporary romance, and mainstream fiction. With my short stories, I finally added "horror" to my list ("Dracula on the Rocks" from Celebrity Vampires). And with my 2006 chapter in a collaborative novel, Noah's Ride, I officially became a "Western writer" as well. Whew. I've always blended genre elements or written cross-genre novels and stories anyway.

My work in the past 15 years has been the Midnight Louie mystery series, featuring the part-time narration of a "Sam Spade with hairballs" feline PI in Las Vegas, and the Irene Adler Sherlockian suspense novels, the first time a woman from the Canon headed a spin-off series. My newest series, starting in November with Dancing with Werewolves, is Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator. This is set in the opposite of Louie's "slightly surreal" contemporary Vegas. Delilah operates in the Las Vegas from Hell of 2013, after the Millennium Revelation brought all the creatures of myth and legend out of the shadows and into ordinary human life. This series combines full-bore fantasy with a gritty urban attitude, classic hard-boiled mystery/crime elements, action and humor and hot romance, so it covers all my bases.

I don't do much but write, attend the occasional convention, write, shuffle papers in the home office, write, and go to the monthly "Book Ladies" and Red Hat foodie outings. (Midnight Louie's latest, Cat in a Red Hot Rage is set at a Red Hat convention.)